Enlarge the breasts with silicone implants.

The last few years have been marked by new concepts in breast augmentation surgery. Until then it was believed that it was enough to place an implant and increase the size of the breasts. The implants were identified only by their volumes.

Nowadays the implants have improved a lot. They have several layers of coating making it rare to break and are filled with high cohesive gel, preventing this silicone from escaping in case of rupture of the shell. Implants are identified, in addition to their volume, by measures such as base width, projection, distance from the groove to the nipple. This gives the Plastic Surgeon the means to perform a personalized surgery, where the implant will be chosen specifically for your body. This is called customization. It is the choice of the best surgery for each body structure, seeking absolute specificity.

We also like to associate this procedure with fat grafting to fill imperfections and correct small asymmetries. The procedure lasts from one to two hours and the patient can be discharged the same day.

The scars are 4 to 5 centimeters and can be positioned around the areola, in the groove of the breast or in the armpit. This is discussed with the patient. The results are larger, more beautiful breasts, always proportional to the patient’s body structure.

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