Increase of the gluteal region with the fat itself or silicone implants.

Gluteoplasty aims to increase the volume of the glutes. It can be done with silicone implants or fat injection. The method is chosen according to each patient.

When the silicone implant is used, we place a 6 cm incision in a hidden location, in the intergluteal groove. The technique we use positions the implants in the middle of the muscle, which makes their edges less apparent, providing a more harmonic profile. We almost always complement this surgery with a little fat graft to add volume in areas where the silicone does not fill.

In fat grafting, it is collected from other parts of the body through liposuction. It is injected precisely in the places where we want to add volume and correct contour imperfections. When only fat is injected, two holes are drilled on each side with 2 mm each, becoming almost imperceptible. Even though they are discreet, everything is agreed with the patient and together we decide where to place each incision or scar.

The procedure usually takes 2 hours. The swelling remains for a few weeks but does not prevent the woman from performing her usual activities. In both procedures the result achieved is a better ratio between the volume of the glutes and the thighs, waist and hips, with firmer and more projected glutes.

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