Remove fat and, sometimes, reposition it in strategic areas.

It is a surgery that brings great satisfaction to the surgeon and the patient. Currently it is the most performed plastic surgery. Its great advantage is to leave very small and hidden scars in strategic places.

Liposuction aims to remove the fat deposits that are usually located on the hips, thighs, abdomen, knees and neck. Many wonder why fat tends to accumulate specifically in these regions.

In women, estrogen contributes to the formation of deposits mainly on the buttocks

and breeches, aiming to offer extra energy during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In men, hormonal influences lead to fat deposition, mainly in the abdominal region and waist. Therefore, patients with localized fat and who do not respond to diet and exercise programs are ideal candidates for this surgery.

It is worth remembering that the procedure is not a substitute for good eating and exercise habits and should not be indicated in obese patients who consider it “salvation” in terms of weight loss.

When we are going to use the removed fat to add volume in other areas, the fat to be grafted is carefully removed with a syringe, so as not to traumatize it and provide conditions for this fat to “catch” after grafting. Then we proceed to the graft in areas with volume deficiency, such as thighs, glutes, breasts.

Despite its popularity, liposuction should be carefully indicated, as the results depend mainly on the ability of the skin to retract at the treated site, after the removal of the underlying fat. This retraction is usually more intense in patients with thick skin and without sagging. In cases where there is sagging skin in addition to fat deposits, procedures involving the removal of this skin (in addition to fat) are necessary.

In these patients, the simple removal of fat using liposuction will tend to accentuate the wrinkles and folds resulting from sagging skin, generating unsatisfactory results. Unfortunately, the irregularities and depressions caused by “cellulite” may not be eliminated by liposuction, although there may be some degree of improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the treated region.

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