Surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids.

The eyes, more than any other region of the face, reflect his mood. Sometimes the appearance of the eyelids can make you look falsely tired, angry or unhappy, bringing an aged appearance.

If your eyelids hide the natural shape of the eyes, if you have wrinkles in that region or sagging skin you are a candidate for eyelid surgery.

The technique used is specific to each patient and his / her needs and can be done with an incision in the upper, lower eyelid or both and, frequently, only the mobilization of fat bags by transconjunctival route, without cuts in the skin. The scars are positioned in the natural grooves and remain discreet.


Modern blepharoplasty seeks, first of all, a functional result, without the stigmas of surgery that until a few years ago was performed, like eyes that do not close completely, that accumulate tears because they lose their drainage function, eyelids that lose contact with the eyes turning out and other complications. These changes are the result of studies on the eyelid physiology from which concepts of structure preservation and innervation that were destroyed in the past arose.

The procedure lasts an average of one hour and the patient is discharged the same day.

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