Returns the facial harmony lost over the years.

It is the surgery to reposition facial tissues that lose their tone over time. It aims to bring the “fallen” tissues to their original position and return the facial balance lost with age.

Each patient needs a type of surgery or combination of techniques. We look for a natural and harmonious result and for that, surgery is special for each age, skin type, ethnicity and sex. It is a surgery that brings us a lot of satisfaction because it is the result of direct learning from Professor Pitanguy and that we seek refinements in several trips with the world experts.


It is performed with local anesthesia and sedation and takes around 4 hours. We love to associate it with videoendoscopy of the frontal region, peels, botox, CO2 laser and blepharoplasty to complement the result. That is how these surgeries are performed in leading clinics in Brazil and the world.

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