One of the main focuses of study by Dr. Samer Domloge

Nowadays it is imperative to perform rhinoplasty with a surgeon specialized in structured rhinoplasty, which is one of the main focuses of study by Dr. Samer Domloge.

The objective of aesthetic rhinoplasty is the harmonious and natural result, with delicate lines and appropriate to the person’s face.

It has changed a lot in the last ten years. Before that, rhinoplasty was limited to removing tissues. Cartilage and bone from the back, the cartilage supporting the nostrils were removed and the nose was shortened, almost as a “cake recipe”. As a result, an entire generation of patients was formed with stigmatized noses, who denounce from afar that they were operated on and that, many times, they no longer fulfill their primary function: that of breathing.


Modern rhinoplasty aims to reposition tissues, removing only what is necessary and improving nasal physiology.


It is possible to correct various imperfections such as the size of the nose and its proportions with the face, the height of the back, the projection and width of the tip, the width of the back and the different angles that the nose makes with the rest of the face that are proper to each patient, ethnicity and sex. Even so, patients should know that there is no perfect nose or perfect surgery. In addition to being a procedure in which every millimeter counts, the surgeon has no control over the scar contraction, a phenomenon that influences the final result.


Maintaining respiratory function is an absolute priority. The cartilages and bones that form the skeleton of the nose are sculpted according to the characteristics of the patient’s nose and face. It is often necessary to use cartilage grafts taken from the nose or ear to correct the contour changes and strengthen the remaining skeleton. In cases where breathing is difficult, it may be necessary to correct deviations of the nasal septum and other structures that form the airways responsible for the passage of air. Rhinoplasty can be performed “open” or “closed”, depending on the characteristics of the nose to be operated.


Surgery is performed in one to two hours with local anesthesia and sedation or general. Our anesthetists use the best medications, which provide a calm, painless and nausea-free awakening, important for the comfort of the patient and to avoid any problems with the surgery. The swelling is moderate, lasting from a few weeks to a few months, and the final result can be seen only after six months to a year. All of this is discussed in detail in your consultation, when the patient also receives written material.

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